Is it okay to wear it in high-temperature environments such as bathing, hot springs, saunas, or bathrooms?

No waterproof watch, no matter how many meters it is marked with, cannot be used in hot water (>40C°).

There are two reasons:

  1. The permeability of water molecules is greatly enhanced when the temperature rises, and all waterproof watches are designed based on cold water.
  2. According to thermal expansion and contraction, some watch components will expand to varying degrees under hot water conditions, resulting in possible gaps. Therefore, the eye cannot be exposed to hot water, or it will cause waterproof failure

Why not hot water?

①The waterproof performance of the watch has requirements on the temperature. When the look encounters a sharp change in the temperature difference between cold and hot, it is likely to cause water vapor to be generated by the waterproof watch.
② No matter how strong a waterproof watch is, it needs careful care. Any waterproof watch will decline in waterproof performance due to the aging of the waterproof ring or accidental impact.
③ Therefore, it is best not to wear a watch when taking a hot bath or sauna to avoid gaps in the waterproof ring due to thermal expansion and contraction, which will accelerate the aging of the waterproof ring and affect the waterproof effect
④ Pay special attention to the fact that the crown and operation buttons cannot be adjusted in water, and the crown should be pressed tightly before touching the water

How much error is standard for a mechanical watch?

The instantaneous error range of travel time for qualified mechanical watches stipulated by the state is -70~+135 seconds per 24 hours.

How long does it take to wind up?

Usually, about a month is enough because after the gears and parts of the mechanical watch are run in and lubricated, the energy consumed will be less, and the energy stored in daily wear is enough to maintain a regular operation.

How to check authenticity?

The anti-counterfeiting code is pasted on the back cover of the watch before leaving the factory. After receiving it, use the anti-counterfeiting code on the back cover and the watch warranty card to check the authenticity on the official website.

Are the mirrors scratch-resistant?

Available friction is no problem, but the hardness of some artificial silicon carbide compounds can reach level 9, and the same level will leave scratches on the mirror surface. Such as artificial marble, minerals, and some artificial equipment such as metals with silicon carbon added.
Another point is that although the hardness of the mirror is hard enough if you hit it hard with a blade or sharp metal, it can also leave scratches on the mirror. Although the hardness of these blades and metals is not high, with a certain amount of strength, It can hurt enough, just like water drops wear through a stone.

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